Lack of Capital Protection.

Lack of Capital Protection

Generally, funds do not provide capital protection. Investors either buy into a strategy with low risk that will yield low alpha or a strategy with greater capital risk for greater alpha. The problem remains that you are investing into a fund that may be speculative. Those that invest in crypto or alt coins my not be investing in any underlying value whatsoever.

Solution: Capital Protection

With the ASA strategy, investors initial capital has a low threshold of risk as trade positions are only entered into equities that could survive a major market correction (bear cash) and still produce premium until the stock recovers (time). The algorithm also dynamically moves to inverse equities as the market conditions, mathematics, and technology indicate necessary. The initial investment is further supported by premium when necessary. The premium can be generated on equities regardless of the market conditions. Time and patience is the only factor, with a reserve fund in place in case of early redemptions or a market correction up to 50%.


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