Globus Token.

The Globus token price will be fixed at $1 for ever. We offer different percent annual returns to provide a bonus opportunity to early supporters.

(CHART) Round 1

Step 1
10,000 Globus tokens for sale with a return Rate of 15% annual return

Round 2

Step 2
40,000,0000 Globus tokens for sale with a return rate of 12% annual return

Step 3
50,000,0000 Globus tokens for sale with a return rate of 10% annual return

  • All token holders annual returns will be via smart contract.
  • Annual return may be redeemed for cash )(CALLED) from December 15th to Jan 1 of each year or they may be (Rolled) and reinvested at the return rate of subscription
  • Any “Call” of annual income contracts at anytime will reduce a token holder to the 10%

How to Join ?

Step 1 : Join the crowdsale only from our official website. Visit the Globus Financial official crowdsale website ( Please click the button that reads “Buy Tokens”. You’ll see it right below the timer or at the top of the page, if you scrolldown the page.

Step 2 : Obtain the contract address and make your transfer via wire transfer or crypto currency to the address and account provided.

Step 3 : You will receive your tokens 30 days after the subscription in your Globus Smart Bank account (hard wallet). You have joined the Globus Token crowdsale! Thank you for your support! You can expect to receive your Globus (GT) tokens soon after subscribing. You will receive your Globus (GT) tokens in your wallet.

You will receive an email notification that your KYC verification was approved sent to the same email you provided.

NOTE: Verification takes about 10-15 minutes. When your information is successfully added to the blockchain you will receive an additional notification to your provided email.

Contributions will not be accepted from smart contracts. There is a cap of 100 million coins offered in the ITO to investors

Globus Token
An ERC20 smart contract digital token representing an indirect fractional non-voting economic interest in the sole Class A share in Globus International LLC, a company investing in Globus Fund LLC, Managed By Winning Technology International Inc.

Target Amount Offered
Soft cap of 10,000,000 Globus Tokens and a hard cap of 100,000,000 Globus Tokens

Price per Unit
USD $1.00 per Globus Token

Currencies Accepted
BTC, ETH, USD, AED, EURO. Subscribers for Globus Tokens using USD must subscribe for a minimum of $500,000 in Globus Tokens and be accredited.

Sale Dates and Minimums
April 15, 2018 to fully subscribed $550,000 minimum investment for US residents and $500,000 minimum investment for those resident outside of the US.

Public Sale
Commencing on April 15, 2018 with no minimums other than a minimum of $500,000 for subscriptions in USD.

Income Realization
The first 10 million Globus Tokens will receive 15% min annual return. The next 40 million Globus token holders will receive 12% min annual return and the last 50 million GT holders will receive 10% min annual return.

Income/ Redemption
Income can be redeemed anytime after 1 year. Income maybe be “Called” for cash or “Rolled” and reinvested every year between December 15th and January 1st. You can elect to roll or call which will initiate a smart contract in regards to your income redeemed and income rolled. Globus Tokens may be redeemed or traded at any time after the first year lock up period. Early redemption fees do apply as this is not a get rich quick scheme and it is a get rich for sure, over time. We recommend a commitment of 15 years to see the full potential of the investment.

Long Term Offer
Income percentage increases will result over time. Rolling and reinvesting will be rewarded. GT holders who have rolled for 7 years straight will have received 100% ROI and are at a 0 risk scenario. Rollers will also be rewarded by increased income, 12% in years 8 thru 11 and 15% in years 12 thru 15. Any GT holders who call income will be moved to 10% annual return regardless of original level.

CNAV Reporting
During the first year following the closing of this Offering, the Fund’s CNAV (Called Net Asset Value) will be reported monthly as of the 30th of each month within 5 business days of such date. After the first anniversary following the closing of this Offering, it is expected that the Fund’s CNAV will be reported more frequently than monthly and updated daily via the “Globus Smart Bank Account”. It is expected that there will also be a monthly conference call where the Manager will be available to respond to questions proposed in advance.

Fund Management Fee : Min Guarantees
The manager of Globus (Winning Technology International Inc.) will not charge any upfront management fees. The manager will work 100% on a performance only success fee basis. In order for the manager to get paid all minimum annual percentage returns for token holders must be achieved. Only then will the manager be paid whatever is left over in USD in monthly increments. Significant reserve funds will also be maintained in excess to settle any early redemptions while accounting for a 50% market correction as outlined in the table above.


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